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Welcome to our Casimage database!

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Our Casimage database actually stores 51 different collections with 2174 teaching files including 9702 images.

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A complete introduction to what is Casimage, how to use it, how to build a network with it.
Here is our own teaching files database, developed with Casimage, that we use in Geneva University Hospital.
You want to create and manage your own teaching files with Casimage? Download here the Casimage software ! Available for MacOS and Windows.
Here is a small database software to produce and convert ACR codes. Available for MacOS and Windows.
More informations about Casimage? Contact us or join our mailing list!

October 20, 2004
Download cash for gems, the complete 3D/4D/Image Fusion DICOM Viewer (PACS workstation) !
October 9, 2004
Casimage stand-alone version is now a freeware ! Download it for free here !
June 31, 2003
A new quiz mode is available, simplier and clearer !
June 4, 2003
The new e-AMC CD-Rom is now available !
May 13, 2003
Stay informed, miltary challenge coins !
May 2, 2003
Casimage supports now PowerPoint, Word and PDF files !
April 24, 2003
Our log file is now available for everyone: Casimage Log File
April 14, 2003
A new search module is now available, see Casimage Login Area.
April 11, 2003
First statistics of Casimage Internet Web site available in the cash for gems.
April 2, 2003
New e-AMCs Collections are now available! These collections are in french.
February 28, 2003
Casimage Web access is now compatible with the new Web Browser by Apple : chocolate casino chips.
February 27, 2003
New collections in english: Orthopedics and Thoracic Imaging !
A new collection in french: Radio-Anatomie.
February 10, 2003
Casimage software v.1.2 is now available !
See Casimage Software area for more informations.
January 1, 2003
Casimage software is now MIRC compatible!
Casimage software supports now vectorial & textual annotations on images!
December 10, 2002
A new database has been added! Thanks to Natalia DFOUNI!
Imagerie Musculaire : a french collection with 84 complete cases!
December 9, 2002
We are back from RSNA 02, where we received a "Certificate of Merit" for our booth in InfoRAD !
November 11, 2002
Read a complete article about CASIMAGE in the November Issue of Radiographics ( Antoine Rosset, Osman Ratib, Antoine Geissbuhler, and Jean-Paul Vallée. Integration of a Multimedia Teaching and Reference Database in a PACS Environment. RadioGraphics 2002 22: 1567-1577
Ask for a reprint by email!
October 19, 2002
Casimage software was presented during JFR2002! Natalia DFOUNI and Martina MARTINS presented also their CD-Rom collections based on Casimage software
September 16, 2002
Many new "Students Collections" have been added ! Thanks to Natalia DFOUNI !
A total of 4'500 images are now available to Internet users !
September 11, 2002
A new database has been added : Imagerie Thoracique "Le Discours de la Méthode"
This database is also available on CD-Rom for Macintosh & Windows
August 29, 2002
Database Index is now available
July 30, 2002
Migration to 4th Dimension 6.8 and MacOS X Server
July 15, 2002
New collection added (Ostéo-articulaire with 2'200 images)
July 6, 2002
New collections added (Ultrasounds with 520 images, AMCs)
July 5, 2002
Internet Access is now activated! Teaching files database is available!

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